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    About Us
    HIN Co., ltd ,its headquarters located at Shenzhen China. With years experience, we specialize in surveillance/security camera housing manufacturing . The current main business field involved:CCTV Camera housing R&D. Die-casting, CNC, Stamping, machining, sanding, polishing etc..Under professional production equipment conditions, f…[Read more]

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    S1014 VVT solenoid for Volkswagen
    About VVT solenoid:
    VVT solenoid is a proportional valve, meaning that the spool’s moving position is proportional to the PWM duty cycle that the engine ECU provides to the VVT solenoid coil. When the duty ratio is gradually increased, the electromagnetic force of the coil is gradually increased, the iron core…[Read more]

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    Syble (Guangzhou XunBao Electronics Technology CO.,Ltd) is professional Barcode Scanner Manufacturer ,whichwas founded in 2013 ,Started as a small enterprise with dozens employee ,first years developed 6 models Barcode Scanner ,till now our workers increased to 82 and products reached 35 .we achieved big success from domestic and oversea markets…[Read more]

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VPA has progressed since 1996 in providing quality education training & coaching in the field of Commerce for classes XI-XII (State Board), XI-XII (CBSE) and in the field of CA / CS.


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